Afro hair transplant Turkey

Afro hair transplant Turkey

It is quite possible for a person who has afro or frizzy hair to have hair transplant in Turkey at Capillaris.

The only difference is that on Afro-type hair we can graft a maximum of 3000 grafts in a single operation.

Africans can therefore without any concern have recourse to hair transplantation in Turkey in Istanbul in the same way as people who have frizzy, curly or straight hair.

If you want to discover the opinions of people of the Afro type who have had their hair transplant at Capillaris in Turkey contact us quickly!

Afro hair transplant Turkey

Discover in video the results of an AFRO hair transplant in Turkey only 6 short months after the hair intervention. The transplant was done with the DHI Choi technique.

RĂ©sulat greffe de cheveux AFRO

We transplant both the Afro-type hair of men and women who have traction alopecia concerns. These traction alpecia concerns have become very common in women who have afro or frizzy hair and hair transplantation is the best way to permanently remedy them.