Biofibre hair transplant opinion

Biofibre hair transplant opinion

Here you can read the opinions of people who have undergone a hair transplant using biofiber hair.

These biocompatible artificial hairs are the dream of many people affected by baldness. The biggest advantage of biofiber hair transplants is undoubtedly the promise of being able to implant an unlimited number of grafts on the patient's head, so people with pronounced baldness are very receptive to this kind of arguments and enticing promises.

These biofiber implants are of particular interest to patients but also to hair clinics because they could prove to be an unprecedented hair revolution.

Biofiber implants are also promising because they could help to compensate for a lack of density after hair transplantation in certain cases.

The Capillaris Clinic in Turkey is working hard on the biofiber technique in the hope of being able to offer it to you soon. One of the notable differences in the biofiber hair implant is that there is no graft fallout after the transplant, the hair is directly present.