Cap after hair transplant

Wearing cap after hair transplant


Can I wear a cap after a hair transplant?

This question is often asked by patients, can I cover my head after my transplant? Can I wear a hat for women, a cap for men?

Wearing a cap after a DHI or FUE hair transplant can be a problem during the first 15 days after the operation, especially if it rubs on the grafts.

Therefore it is best to avoid wearing a cap after your hair transplant at Capillaris in Turkey.

Wearing a large cap after the hair transplant:

Nevertheless, it is possible to wear a cap after the hair transplant if it is very wide and only touches the forehead without damaging the grafts.

One can also wear other kind of hat with a hair transplant, bob or see a large Panamanian hat for men. The women can wear a shawl for example after the hair transplant.

Wearing a cap after the hair transplant is often motivated by the fear of others, but hours healing is very fast after the operation, count a maximum of 10 to 15 days for a FUE transplant. Wearing a cap or a beret is therefore not an obligation for patients worried after their hair transplant.

Wearing a cap after a hair transplant ? If wearing a cap, a bob or a large hat can be acceptable after a hair transplant, wearing a cap is very dangerous for the grafts.


Shower cap after hair transplant

It is best not to use a shower cap right after your hair transplant. This is a precaution to prevent the power and pressure of the shower jet from damaging the implanted grafts.