Celebrities Hair transplant

Celebrities Hair transplant

The stars who had a hair transplant

Celebrities who have had hair transplants:

In a world where appearance plays an increasingly important role, more and more celebrities and stars are resorting to hair transplants to treat their baldness. Capillaris invites you to discover the main celebrities who have undergone a hair transplant.

Some personalities who have made implants:

Among them we can mention the star Raphael Nadal who recently resorted to hair implants.

It is whispered that the French actor Jean Dujardin would have also made a hair transplant, information or intoxication?

Yves Calvi would have also resorted to hair implants offered by the TV channel TF1.

The French singer Christophe Willem recently had hair implants.


The famous actor Jude Law also does a hair transplant to have a more beautiful frontal line.


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