Failed hair transplant

Failed hair transplant France

The biggest phobia of patients who want to do a hair transplant in Paris is undoubtedly that it is failed, that's why we give you here many valuable tips to avoid this hair disaster.

In order to avoid this kind of disaster after your hair implants, you have to start by choosing the clinic where you are going to have the operation, is it a known clinic?

Does it have a good or bad reputation? Who are the doctors who operate? Are the surgeon's assistants really qualified? Then it will be necessary to scrupulously ensure to follow the postoperative indications, the majority of postoperative catastrophes are not due to a bad operation but to bad prescriptions and bad behavior of the patients in the weeks which follow your hair transplant.

Avoid alcohol, reduce smoking as much as possible, adapt your lifestyle, sleep well, do not do weight training after your hair transplant or intensive sport ... Pay close attention to your grafts during postoperative shampooing so as not to not damage them. Also during sleep, care must be taken not to rub the grafts on the pillows or sheets.

To avoid a disaster after your hair transplant also make sure not to wear a motorcycle helmet after your operation. It will also be very important to have a healthy diet to have good results and avoid hair nutrition problems that could be harmful to the future result of your transplant. Playing soccer and risking the ball in your head can also be a cause of loss of your grafts, so avoid!