Best hair transplant doctor Turkey

Best hair transplant doctor Turkey


Best hair surgeon Istanbul

There are many clinics and doctors in Istanbul who operate on patients for hair transplants and hair implants.

Capillaris Istanbul has without any doubt one of the best of them, Dr. FATIH GENC, he masters and practices fue and dhi grafting in Istanbul for many years now.

Choosing a good hair surgeon

The choice of the doctor is critical in  guaranteeing the success of your hair transplant, Capillaris constantly strives to recruit the best surgeons in Istanbul and in Turkey in order to always guarantee an irreproachable quality of care!

Other doctors in Istanbul

Capillaris has many other hair implant surgeons, for example Dr. Emin Gul!

Dr. Beyhan Zeybek is also ultra famous in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey!

Does the surgeon operate on the patients?


It is important to know that today doctors rarely operate on patients during their hair transplants, at Capillaris on the other hand the surgeon will operate on you in person.