Hair transplant cost Paris

What is the price of a hair transplant in France?

The cost of the transplant is higher in France:


When it comes to hair implants, one of the main concerns is the high cost of hair transplantation in France. Many people would like to have their hair transplant in France but the prices are very high compared to Turkey, where hair transplantation is relatively inexpensive. This difference in cost can be attributed to several factors such as taxes and charges, higher salaries in France, the amount of rent for the hair clinic, corporate taxes, and more.

Will the cost of hair transplantation fall in France?

If we look more closely at the prices of hair implants in France over the last ten years, we will nevertheless realize certain things. Firstly, the prices have already fallen enormously, in fact in the past French hair clinics have greatly exaggerated the price of hair implants and did not hesitate to ask for amounts which could go up to 15,000 euros for a single transplant!

Hair transplant cost paris