Hair transplant halal or haram

is having a hair transplant halal

Is hair transplant halal?

According to the great contemporary scholars of Islam, hair transplantation is halal in Islam, it is not haram because it does not consist of a removal or a modification of the creation of Allah, this opinion is notably supported by Sheikh ibn al Otheimine and Sheikh ibn Baz and sheikh Ferkous.

This opinion is also adopted by many other Muslim scholars who distinguish between on the one hand the modification of the creation and on the other hand repairing the creation, on 'ilm char'i the question is also detailed. As far as hair transplant is concerned we are therefore rather on a reconstructive surgery than an aesthetic surgery.


The islamqa website also offers fatwas on this topic. The islamqa website also judges that Hair Transplant is not haram.

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Is hair transplant haram Hanafi

The Muslim scholars of the Hanafi school are also unanimous in saying that hair transplant is not haram.

For the hanafi as for the maliki, chafii and hanbali it is halal to do a hair transplant. Some Hanafi lawyers believe that hair transplantation is not haram but that it is makroh.

Baldness is considered a disease, that's why it's not haram to have a hair transplant.

Muslims are always people who are very careful about the halal or haram aspect: hair transplantation is no exception to the rule. It is important for them to know if the hair transplant is haram, which is why we detail this subject as much as possible on our site.