Hair transplant Hungary or Turkey

Hair transplant Hungary or Turkey


Hair implant Hungary or Turkey? 

Hair transplant, where to go?

Is it better to do a hair transplant in Turkey or Hungary?

Many patients ask themselves this question in order to choose the destination of their future hair transplant.

Turkey remains the world leader:

If Hungary is well placed in terms of dental tourism and competes with Turkey, Turkey is far ahead of Hungary in terms of experience and quality of service for hair transplantation.

So if you still had doubts, don't hesitate any longer, Turkey is the best destination for your future hair transplant even if Hungary and Budapest remain a beautiful destination for your weekends and your romantic escapades!

Moreover, the number of hair transplant centers and experienced surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey is much higher than the number of clinics in Hungary. Other patients hesitate between Tunisia and Turkey for their future hair transplant.

Finally, Turkey now practices more than 500,000 hair transplants per year, this figure is 20 times higher than the number of operations performed in Hungary.

From now on, Capillaris offers you to have your hair transplant done in Paris, France so that you can stay in Europe.