How many grafts per cm2

How many grafts per cm2 for a good density?

How many grafts per square centimeter are needed to regain an acceptable hair density? Basically, we have between 100 and 200 thousand hairs on our head for an area of 600 to 800 cm2.

This means that we have between 80 and 100 grafts per cm2 before we are affected by baldness. We believe that at least 50 percent of this figure is needed to have a correct hair density effect, i.e. 40 to 50 grafts per cm2. For a top result, about 70 grafts per cm2 should be implanted and the vast majority of these grafts should take well.

The sapphire fue graft makes it possible to implant approximately 40 to 50 grafts per cm². To increase the number of grafts per cm² it is also possible to use a BHT graft in Turkey which will provide a little more density.