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Black cumin oil hair loss

Black cumin oil hair loss

Black cumin seed oil helps to fight against hair loss, just apply it to your scalp twice a week before going to bed and then shampoo the next day, combine the black cumin seed with good vitamins for hair  and it will be even more effective.


The black cumin seed is an ultra beneficial food supplement, used for thousands of years it is particularly recommended among Muslims who rightly consider it a miracle seed.

Taking a teaspoon of black cumin seed daily will help strengthen your immune system and your natural defenses for long-term health!

Black cumin seed oil is the perfect dietary supplement for tired people, it stimulates the body, strengthens the immune system and gives a boost to your defenses.

There are other ways to use black cumin seed to fight effectively against hair loss, discover them on the site of Capillaris Istanbul to optimize your natural treatments against hair loss.