Homemade shampoo hair growth

Homemade shampoo hair growth


Turkish Garlic Shampoo

Find out how to make your own homemade Turkish garlic shampoo.

The Turkish Garlic Home Shampoo has many hair growth benefits, garlic is known for its many benefits, including hair growth! This homemade garlic shampoo is as easy to make as it is effective.

Turkish garlic shampoo promotes blood circulation, if you use organic garlic in the preparation of this homemade shampoo the results will be even better, besides hair clinics in Turkey recommend their patients to use Turkish garlic shampoo after their transplants.

The best would be to use an organic shampoo with a neutral ph for your homemade garlic shampoo and even better, organic garlic which will have more virtues for your hair health and therefore will give you more benefits for your homemade shampoo. There are new stores that specialize in less aggressive shampoos.