shock loss after hair transplant

Shock loss donor area

A rather rare phenomenon: It sometimes happens after hair transplant in France that the patient loses a large amount of hair on the donor area, this phenomenon is called Shock Loss, a sudden loss of hair due to shock caused by the operation. If Shock Loss is quite rare, this phenomenon is nonetheless very unpleasant for the patient and this period can be very difficult to live with.

Hair loss burns:

Localized on the donor area, the Shock loss will manifest itself by the appearance of a hole in the donor area, similar to alopecia areata, in passing it is possible to treat alopecia areata with a hair transplant.

In most cases, the loss of shock will resolve on its own over time; this usually takes a few months and a maximum of a year. During a shock loss it is also the case that your donor area burns during the first weeks following your hair transplant.

shock loss donor area