Vitamins after hair transplant

Vitamins after hair transplant

To optimize the quality of the results after your hair transplant with Capillaris, it is necessary to pay particular attention to many postoperative factors. Among these factors there is no doubt that diet plays an essential role.

In this perspective, it may be interesting to take food supplements such as vitamins or others. The best is to have a healthy and balanced diet to promote regrowth but it is not always easy, indeed many people who work outside, come home late, do not always have the possibility of finding the vitamins necessary for the growth.

hair growth in their daily meals. In these cases do not hesitate to use supplements after your hair transplant. You will find in pharmacies many quality food supplements that will have a good influence on the results of your hair transplant. Spirulina is one of the best supplements after hair transplantation.

Eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables which will also be more beneficial, try to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to have less impact on the environment and global warming.

Complement alimentaire apres greffe capillaire