Which shampoo to use after hair transplant

Which shampoo to use after hair transplant

All hair transplant patients wonder what shampoo should they use after hair transplantation in order to get the best possible results from their hair operation.

The most important first step is to use a neutral pH shampoo after hair implantation so as not to risk damaging the transplanted grafts.

At Capillaris we will provide you at the clinic with a shampoo adapted to this important stage of your aesthetic approach.

About 20 days after the operation you can use any type of shampoo. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that conventional shampoos sold on the market often contain many chemicals that are harmful to the hair, so we advise you to buy organic shampoos with the most neutral pH possible.

Capillaris also offers to teach you how to make an ultra-vitamin homemade shampoo at a lower cost to help your hair regrowth. It is also recommended to use organic shampoos after your hair transplant in France because they are much gentler and contain less harmful products such as ethoxylated surfactants.

Indeed, organic shampoos contain much less chemicals that can be harmful to the hair growth of your hair. New solid natural shampoos may also be recommended after your hair transplant.