Your hair transplant step by step

Hair transplant stage Turkey

Reception at the airport for your hair transplant:

During your stay in Turkey for your hair transplant, we will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel in downtown Istanbul, which is located right across from the clinic.

Course of a fue transplant in Turkey:

We help you discover all the steps of your future FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

When you arrive at the clinic, the very first step will be to perform blood tests to ensure that the patient does not have any pathologies that require special precautions during the operation.

The blood collected during the examinations will also be used for the vitamin treatment at the end of the capillary transplantation.

The interview with the surgeon:

Once the examinations are completed, there will be a meeting with the surgeon to define the contours of your future haircut.

Then, after defining and drawing the contours on the patient's head, the hair will be shaved so that the surgeon operates in the best conditions if operating with the FUE method.


The operation


The surgeon begins by locally anesthetizing the patient's donor area with small, painless, needle-free injections.

Graft collection:

Once the anesthesia is effective, the surgeon will be able to remove the hair follicles from the donor area, the operation is completely painless, this phase usually lasts three hours.

Usually after this phase of the operation, which ends around 2 pm, we take a lunch break, so the patient goes to the clinic's restaurant to regain his strength and relax a little.

The second anesthesia:

Back in the operating room, the second anesthesia begins, it is to anesthetize the recipient area in which the surgeon will implant the grafts taken in the morning.

The tracing of the channels:

Once anesthetized, the surgeon can begin to draw the channels intended to receive the grafts, this phase usually lasts two hours.


Finally, the third and last phase of the operation consists of gently implanting the graftsThis phase also lasts about 3 hours.

Collection of follicles


The day after the operation, the patient will return to the clinic so that the doctors can check the patient's condition.


Then the patient will have to shampoo and apply a healing lotion to the recipient area before gently washing the scalp with warm water.

Post-operation instructions:

Finally, the surgeon will give instructions to the patient who will have to follow them rigorously after his return to guarantee the total success of your hair transplant!