Hair coloring after hair transplant

Hair coloring after hair transplant

Many patients have the habit of coloring their hair, some to hide a few gray hairs, others, often women, simply out of the habit of changing their hair color for fun.

How long should I wait to color my hair after surgery ?

These patients may wonder if it would be possible for them to color their hair after the hair transplant at Capillaris in Istanbul. Generally speaking, this will be possible provided that you wait at least 6 to 8 weeks in order not to damage the implanted grafts.

After this time you can have your hair colored. The products for coloring are more or less aggressive, some natural like henna are harmless and others more chemical can present a risk.

Henna can even have a beneficial effect on your hair, just as the use of minoxidil after hair implants can be beneficial.

Dyes that contain too much ammonia are harmful to the results of your hair transplant.