How do I know if my hair is growing back

How do I know if my hair is growing back

There are different tests and methods to know if your hair is growing back, we will present you here the main ones.

The easiest way is to observe your scalp with the help of a mirror and a good light and to look carefully if you see small regrowths hair which are much shorter than the others, if yes, then yes your hair is growing back!

It is important to follow these small hair regrowths over several months to see if they hold and grow properly or if on the contrary these regrowths weaken quickly and fall back permanently.

In general, weak regrowth falls out before reaching 2 or 3 centimeters, if your hair really does not grow back anymore then a hair transplant should be considered in order to remedy these baldness concerns.

Natural treatments:

To help you grow back your hair we offer all kinds of simple natural treatments to strongly stimulate the growth of your hair.

We also propose a test to know if you are losing your hair in order to organize yourself to fight against hair loss as soon as possible if you are suffering from baldness or alopecia.