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Nettle lotion for hair growth

Nettle lotion for hair growth


Nettle has many benefits that promote hair growth in case of early hair loss. It contains many beneficial minerals and vitamins that revitalize the hair.

Nettle has a double action: anti hair loss while promoting hair growth!

neetle for hair

How to use nettle against hair loss

To fight against your baldness or your hair loss it will be advisable to use the nettle either in lotion, in poultice, or in gellule.

You can use fresh nettle as well as dry nettle, in any case allow 100 grams for one liter of water.

Boil your water and add the nettle (preferably after having ground it), and let it macerate for at least 24 hours.

Recover your lotion and filter it, then you just have to pour it into a small homemade spray with a small funnel.

You can also enhance the effect of your nettle lotion against hair loss by adding a few drops of rosemary or sweet mint essential oils.

Apply this lotion to your hair in the morning or evening on a daily basis while massaging the scalp to promote blood circulation.

This nettle lotion will be very effective in your fight against hair loss and premature baldness, it is a formidable weapon combined with the hair transplant to help you get rid of your hair concerns, the nettle will strengthen your hair in the long term and help them fight external aggressions.

neetle for hair