Onion Juice Hair Cure

Onion Juice Hair Cure


An onion juice treatment for the hair helps to strengthen and fortify it, easy to prepare the onion juice applied to the scalp will allow it to be revitalized quickly and simply!

Rich in sulfur, onion juice will not only promote the production of collagen tissue but also prevent various scalp infections that can affect hair growth.

Onion juice will act directly on the scalp and promote hair growth!

How to make onion juice for hair? To make this onion juice you will need a good two kilos of onions that you will have previously peeled, then cut the onions into small pieces and finally put them in a blender to grind them.

You can recover the onion juice and use it for your masks or other. You can make macerated onion juice, you will see the results before and after the treatment on your hair after a few months while your hair grows back and the hair already present is strengthened: patience is key!

Onion juice is very useful to help regrowth after your hair transplant in France.