Smoking after a hair transplant

Smoking after a hair transplant

Cigarettes after the hair transplant:

Can you smoke after a hair transplant? This question is of interest to many smokers who wonder if they will be able to smoke after the hair transplant, if so when and how much, Capillaris Istanbul gives you some valuable advice here.

In general, smoking and hair transplants do not mix very well, but to a certain extent this is not necessarily catastrophic!

Can I smoke the day of my transplant ?

On the day of the operation we recommend not to smoke more than half a cigarette even if the best would be to abstain from smoking altogether to optimize the chances of success. Smoking after hair transplant?

In the following days, it is also strongly recommended to reduce your consumption of cigarettes and tobacco as much as possible.

I smoked after a hair transplant


I am often told: I smoked after the hair transplant, is it really that bad? Will my transplant fail? The answer is nuanced, no your transplant will not necessarily fail in absolute terms, on the other hand if you have smoked a lot it cannot be positive.

Can we color after a hair transplant? follow our advice!

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smoking after hair transplant

Smoking has a harmful effect on hair growth, the implanted grafts are fed by blood, apart from the nicotine and other impurities present in tobacco circulate in the blood and strongly harm the grafts and therefore hair growth! They play a detrimental role in hair growth after hair transplantation.