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Minoxidil after hair transplant

The use of Minoxidil after transplantation

Is minoxidil beneficial?


Using Minoxidil after a hair transplant is very important not to boost hair growth but mainly to prevent hair weakened by baldness from falling out quickly and thus losing the gain caused by the hair transplant.

The effect of minoxidil after transplantation:


The use of Minoxidil after hair transplantation will not only strengthen the hair present but also stimulate the regrowth of the donor area, Minoxidil can also be useful in case of shock loss of the donor area after hair implantation.

When to resume minoxidil after hair transplant:

You can resume using minoxidil one month after the hair transplant.

minoxidil after hair transplant

When can I start using Minoxidil?


It is best to wait a month before using minoxidil after a hair transplant.

Minoxidil can help regrow the donor area too!

So there is no harm in using minoxidil after a hair transplant at Capillaris, choose the right dosage according to your gender for using minoxidil!

There are 3 percent and 5 percent minoxidil for men. Discover also the price of hair transplantation in Turkey at Capillaris, you will be seduced by our rates and our high-end services to regain the hair of your youth.

What will happen if i don't use minoxidil after hair transplant ?

Not using minoxidil after hair transplantation will not have bad consequences on the results of your operation.

Hair coloring after hair transplant !

Hair loss miracle solution !

Shock loss after hair transplant, what i make ?

Best Brand of Minoxidil: The Rogaine brand is the best and most well-known brand for Minoxidil.